About Us

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    About Us

    Kangsi Art Ltd.is established for artists' demand. We assist foreign artists to produce their artworks in China. We have a fifteen-year experience for producing artworks in China. Aritist sends us his ideas by drawings, photos, plans, etc. We will arrange everything in China and transport the works of art.
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    Kangsi Art Limited was set up at the request of artists that wanted to manufacture their works in China, but do not live there. We help artists to turn their ideas into reality. We have 15 years of experience cooperating with artists. Through us the artists control the whole process even though they are not in China.
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    We are a firm located in the southern town of Xiamen, China. We assist artists working in almost any discipline from stone carving to casting, ceramic and porcelain, resin, etc. Over the years we have been working with many well known European and American artists.
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    The artist sends us an email and tells us what his idea is. We always reply. When the artist thinks he/she wants to work with us ,he/she sends us the plans or drawings of the work he/she has in mind. We will do research and find the most economical price for realizing the work. Once the artist decides he/she wants to proceed we will give guidance where required and provide digital photos at every stage of the process. We can also send samples of the materials which can be used to manufacture the work. Our prices can be include transport costs involved in shipping the work to a port of the artist’s choosing. When the artist wants to come to China to follow the process or to confirm the final result we will assist in finding a good and not expensive hotel for his stay. We have an extensive network of contacts all over China. We look forward to hearing from you.