• For the past six years, Kang You Teng has managed the production of my artwork in China.He has supervised the production and shipping of my sculptures in ceramic, fiberglass, bronze, cast iron, marble and granite. the size of these works range from a few Kilograms to 20

    tons in weight and several meters in height. From the first time we worked together, I was impressed with Kang's integrity, dependability and his ability to find the perfect art facility for my needs. Before long, I considered Kang You Teng an essential partner in my objective to produce and ship my work from China to the United States. A question or concern could be resolved with one phone call to Kang. It is rare to work with someone who recognizes the importance of "deadlines" in the art world, however Kang has never failed to produce and deliver my work on time. this is impressive given the fact the he insists on a remake of the finished product if it is not top quality. He will not tolerate inferior workmanship. My collaboration with Kang You Teng has been highly rewarding. I wholeheartedly recommend “Kangsi Art Limited” for your sculpture needs.

    —— Colette Hosmer-American Artist

  • Kang is not only a fair and reliable partner but he has also a perfect understanding of the quality standars I’m looking for.

    —— Sandra Kunz--Swiss artist

  • My collaboration with Mr. Kang and Kangsi Art Ltd. has lasted for several years now. A very well known artgallery here in Sweden recommended his stoneworkcompany, at a point when I was disappointed in a company here in Sweden. Something I am very grateful for.

    One would think that it would be complicated to work longdistance; without that the artist in place. I thought so anyway. But I was wrong. Rarely have I encountered such professionalism! Sketches and suggestions for changes e-mailes back and forth until both parties are satisfied. Not only that, proposals from the responsive Mr. Kang has made my sculptures better! The only reason I do not want to recommend Mr. Kang's Kangsi Art Ltd. to another artist, would be that I want him all to myself!

    —— Marianne Lindberg De Geer--Swedish artist

  • Kang is wonderful, always very kind and incredibly professional. I can ask for almost anything and he is able to source the right crafts person to create the work. It is hard in the UK to find such an array of expertise and skill.

    ——  Gillian Wearing--British artist

  • For fifteen years I have realized my artworks with KANGSI and always been greatly satisfied. With KANGSI I have made works in granite (often large scale), bronze, small and big sizes, porcelain sculptures, lacquer work large scale and small sculptures, Stainless steel objects and sculptures and large scale photographs taken by technical camera in

    professional studios. KASGSI also takes care of the transportation of all my works when I exhibit them in Europe and they have in some cases sent their team to Europe to assist me with large commissions. The KANGSI team is reliable and skillful people and they have a long experience to guide the wanted quality during the work process.

    ——  Sigurdur Gudmundsson